HXD-ERGO Ergonomic dumbbells, 2 in 1 Stainless Steel Handle dumbbells


HXD-ERGO Ergonomic dumbbells, 2 in 1 Stainless Steel Handle dumbbells(2-10 LBS)

HXD-ERGO takes products as the core, is user-oriented, and focuses on product innovation and user experience. We focus on improving the user’s sports experience, constantly iteratively innovating more convenient multi-functional sports products, so that sports are no longer affected by venues and cumbersome equipment, so as to meet the common sports needs of different user groups, aiming to create a leading fitness brand.

HXD-ERGO is committed to creating ergonomic modern sports and fitness equipment. We call for fitness for all, and hope that more people will love sports together and become a better version of themselves. Therefore, the original intention of the design of ergonomic dumbbells is also to provide more professional guiding equipment for more exercise beginners. According to the physiological structure of the human palm, a handle that fits the palm is designed to help you obtain the correct hand posture and better gather force. Compared with traditional dumbbells, we have also simplified the design in appearance, which is lighter and more beautiful. Whether it is indoor strength training, yoga, or running, it can be easily used to create a more convenient way of exercise for you. Sweating during exercise is inevitable, considering this, we have made an upgrade in the choice of materials. The 304 high quality stainless steel material is integrally formed, and the surface is dipped in PVC material, which enhances durability and is better at preventing slipping and sweating, and is easy to clean. Solve your discomfort caused by sweating during exercise and get a better exercise experience.



We continue to conduct market research and listen to the voice of customers to help better product innovation. And we hope that our products can help more sports enthusiasts get a better sports experience. Welcome to share your user experience with us. Let’s become the best version of ourselves together!

Post time: Mar-09-2023