Ergonomic Neoprene Dumbbells

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HXD-ERGO is committed to creating ergonomic modern sports and fitness equipment.

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HXD-ERGO takes products as the core, is user-oriented, and focuses on product innovation and user experience. We focus on improving the user’s sports experience, constantly iteratively innovating more convenient multi-functional sports products, so that sports are no longer affected by venues and cumbersome equipment, so as to meet the common sports needs of different user groups, aiming to create a leading fitness brand.

Combining ergonomic handles with traditional style dumbbells, unique shapes and stylish colors make this product even more unique. We upgraded the material, using natural silicone, feel comfortable and solve the problem of sweating during exercise. Through research on international color trends and color matching research by professional color organizations, we have selected rich and optional colors. The fashionable and colorful appearance adds vitality to sports and makes sports no longer boring. Get your friends together to exercise. Let’s be the best we can be together.

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